The Sprint to Savings



The Sprint to Savings


Competition announcements:

Super Saver Results:

The Super Saver competition has ended.  Congratulations to all of our competitors for taking action to make energy conservation a priority.  Final results for the three week Super Saver competition will be uploaded to the leaderboard soon. 

Winter Shutdown:

The winter shutdown officially began on Saturday and will run through Sunday, January 4, 2015.  With occupancy significantly down, winter and summer breaks represent two of the biggest electricity saving opportunities of the year. On average, a school will use about 20 percent less electricity during winter break weekdays (excluding Christmas and New Year's when the buildings are closed) compared to when school is in session.  Some schools, however, reduced electricity use by about 50 percent or more while others struggle to achieve single digit reductions.  This competition is one engagement strategy to get all our schools thinking about how they can save more. The good news is that there is room for improvement no matter where your school fits in this spectrum.  To make things easier, we've provided a checklist for school faculty and staff and made a few simple suggestions:

·         Turn down the thermostat to 55 or 60 degrees in rooms/areas that won’t be used over break.

·         Turn off all lights except non-emergency. 

·         Try to shut down entire floors by encouraging staff to use or clean only a certain section of the building or work at home.

·         Make sure everything is turned off or unplugged. This means computers, copiers, Smart boards, unused kitchen equipment, AC units, water fountains, etc. 

Five ways to win:

Overall Winner: December 1 - January 4: school with greatest electricity reduction over 5 weeks compared to its own baseline. The Overall Winner gets our grand prize: a lot of $$ towards energy efficiency improvements. 
Super Saver: December 1 - December 19: school with the greatest reduction during first three weeks when school is in session.
Winter Shutdown: December 20 - January 4: school with greatest electricity reduction during two weeks during winter break.
Most Efficient: the most efficient school over the year.
Creativity and Innovation: school that demonstrates ingenuity and creativity in tackling energy conservation.