DC Green Schools Challenge

Saving Money. Protecting the Environment. Inspiring Innovation.


DC Green Schools Challenge

Saving Money. Protecting the Environment. Inspiring Innovation.

Final Standings for Sprint to Savings! 


After three intense weeks, the competition is over and the results are in.  Langley Elementary school is our winner with a 30 percent reduction in electricity consumption.  That’s massive!

Powell Elementary School finished in 2nd place (18 percent reduction) and Anne Beers Elementary locked up the 3rd place position (12.5 percent reduction).   Anacostia was the top performing high school and the only high school to surpass the elusive 10 percent reduction threshold.

Overall, 24 of the 28 participating schools succeeded in reducing their electricity consumption.  Their efforts saved over 76,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity—enough to power seven American households for nearly an entire year.

To view the FINAL STANDINGS, click here!  To read the press release,  please visit the Department of General Services website.


DC Green Schools Challenge

DCPS spends over $30,000,000 per year in energy costs -- an annual carbon footprint equivalent to the impact of electricity used by 19,500 homes. That's a lot.

The good news: We can do better -- and, in fact, we already are. 

National 'Green Ribbon' awards, from the US Department of Education, have been given to two DC schools in the past several years, and DC's modernization efforts add green building features to our schools on a near continual basis.  

Yet, there's work to be done: Studies suggest most schools across the US often waste 30% of their energy use unnecessarily, from keeping the heating and cooling on during unoccupied times to simply forgetting to turn off the lights.  Ultimately, If savings are achieved, it's possible that DC Public Schools could save over $50M in energy costs over the next decade -- money that can be invested back into the classroom. 

The Inaugural DC Green Schools Challenge is an effort to catalyze efficiency efforts, and to begin to make huge strides in energy efficiency in DC schools.

By rewarding those who eliminate energy waste -- from cash incentives for individual schools, to grants for retrofit investments, to field trips -- DGSC will incentive the leadership and engagement so critical to creating more sustainable schools. And by pairing students and schools with industry experts, DGSC will empower local schools to create innovative solutions to drive energy savings.
The Challenge has two components:
  1. Spring to Savings
  2. Innovation Challenge

Sprint to Savings


Between February 10 - 28, schools compete against one another to reduce their electricity consumption over a three week period compared to a previous baseline. Each school will have its own online building dashboard, which will show its daily electricity consumption in 15-minute intervals, its energy costs and a real time District-wide leaderboard.

Schools that save energy get real rewards.  Any school that achieves a 5-10 percent reduction in electricity over the three week period gets money back.   Save more than 10 percent and we'll double it! Plus, T-shirts, field trip opportunities, solar power systems and other incentives.

Sprint to Savings Details

Innovation Challenge


The Innovation Challenge empowers students to decide what energy efficiency projects would benefit their school the most, develop the projects and submit them for funding. Student groups will present their proposal at a 'STEM-fair' type event to a committee of experts. 

Finalists will have the chance to present their proposals at the US Green Building Council's Green Schools Summit in late April 2014 -- and winning project(s) will receive capital funding from, and be executed by, the DC Department of General Services. 

Register today to enter your DCPS school. Registration will close late February. 

Innovation Challenge Details